For the love of elephants

I've been getting a lot of questions about my latest tattoo, and I am ready to share the significance. 

To me, the beauty of the elephant is buried deep below the surface. There are few creatures on this earth that express themselves the way elephants do. Their love, compassion, grief, and even anger parallels human emotions. 

As a highly emotional being, I have been through rather tumultuous times in my life where I thought I hated my parents and most of the people around me. I did things that I am less than proud of, and willingly admit that I was a terrible daughter. No matter what I did, my parents figured out the best way to support me and love me, all while letting me find myself. They never gave up on me, even when I had completely lost faith in myself. 

Whenever I watch a mother elephant and her calf, this is what I see. The thoughtfulness deep below the surface that cannot be expressed through words. The love that even death cannot remove. When I look at the elephant on my side I see the same thing, but in a different form. I see my parents and a love so deep that no adversity can challenge it. A silent commitment different than any verbal choice we will make.

My mom often reminds me that a tattoo is a lifelong commitment. And I am finally at a point in my life where I can embrace that. I know that as my body changes so will my tattoos, but learning to love myself regardless is a beautiful journey that I am ready to commit to. 


If you ever have specific questions about my journey please let me know so I can answer them. 

Much love,