Worth the weight

We live in a society where so much emphasis is placed on numbers. The numbers in our bank accounts, the numbers on our scales, the numbers of friends we have. When we place too much value on the numbers in our lives it is easy to feel discouraged and unworthy. 

My practice has been feeling heavy lately, so out of curiosity I stepped on the scale for the first time in a couple of months. 

153.4 pounds. 

Even when I considered myself "overweight" I never weighed this much. Ever. 

Once the shock wore off I began to laugh at myself. Why do I care so much about my weight? Does weighing a few pounds more or less have any effect on my worth as a person? Does a number on the scale mean I am beautiful or not? The overwhelming answer is NO, it doesn't. 

Personally speaking, I am the happiest when I eat mindfully and spend time reflecting on my yoga practice and in my daily life. Lately I haven't been eating as mindfully as I usually do, and the effect is clear on my body. Weighing myself was just the reality check I needed to look a little deeper. My relationship with food often is a direct reflection on how I am dealing with the emotional and situational turmoil of daily life. Even though I am so happy and grateful for all the opportunities that are present in my life, I have been neglecting myself on a deeper level. I have been so excited to travel and explore that I forgot to nourish myself with healthy and sustaining food.

While it is clear that the number on my scale doesn't matter, it has served as an ever so important reminder that I am happiest when I nourish myself from the inside out. When I feel worthy is when I share the most love with myself and those around me. Don't be afraid to break the cycle - love always leads to more love. When I love myself it is easier to eat mindfully, and when I eat mindfully it is easier to love myself.