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Wooster, OH Workshops

Flex Yoga Wooster

Sunday March 4th

Yin Flexibility 10:00AM – 11:30AM
Handstand Drills 1:30PM – 3:30PM

Yin Flexibility: 
$30 early bird single session, $35 day of single session
Handstand Drills:
$40 early bird single session, $45 day of single session

Click HERE to sign up! (Use Mind Body to access the schedule, go to March 4th)


This class will be focused on long holds of flexibility based poses to restructure and open the body. Most poses will be relatively mild with some options to go deeper depending on your body and your goals, with a focus on hips and shoulders.


This workshop will be focused on the specific drills necessary to add handstands into your practice. Starting with a wrist and general flexibility warm up, we will move into core strengthening drills before moving to the wall for handstand specific training. Some work will be done with a partner but the majority of drills will be done on your own so that you can practice them at home! All levels welcome as long as you can kick up to handstand with the wall, or are open to trying!

Later Event: March 9
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