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London Workshops

Irene is coming to Indaba Yoga this August!

Friday 14:00-17:00 INVERSIONS - REFINING THE FOUNDATION OF YOUR PRACTICE £40 per Workshop | £115Full Weekend

Saturday 13:30-16:30 LIQUID SPINE £40 per Workshop | £115 Full Weekend

Sunday 13:30-16:30 ADVANCED FLEXIBILITY £40 per Workshop | £115 Full Weekend

Descriptions below. Pricing increases June 24th.

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This workshop is focused on refining the foundation of your practice in order to build the strength and awareness to explore more advanced techniques. Irene will break down the stepping stones to a more graceful inversion and arm balance practice, starting with basic drills to build the strength and flexibility required to balance on your hands and upside down.

There will be some breakdown of headstand, but expect to focus on forearm stand and handstand- working on controlled entrances and exits, as well as learning how to safely fall. Don't worry, if you're not comfortable upside down Irene will give you steps to get there. All are welcome as long as you can do dolphin pose.


Join Irene for this workshop to bend, twist, fold, and strengthen your body so that you can free the movement of your spine. Beginning with a discussion and meditation, you will be guided through Irene’s warm up sequence to break down different elements of spinal movement with a special focus on hip and shoulder flexibility. She will then show you her favorite drills for building spine strength and safely increasing your body’s range of motion.

All levels welcome with an open mind. This is also a perfect workshop for instructors looking for safe ways to help their students build stronger, safer backbends in their practice.


This workshop is specifically for those with a consistent practice that are looking for ways to deepen flexibility in back bending, forward bending, and hip opening poses. Irene will share tips and tricks learned from circus performers, contortionists, and hand balancers in order to help you safely explore new depths. Irene will discuss how to evaluate your own anatomy and practice in order to balance your body with both stability and range of motion.

Expect to see things like flipping the grip in poses like bow and dancer, and bringing the feet to the head for cobra and eventually scorpion, over splits, chest stands, and some partner stretching. This workshop will be catered to the group, but being somewhat comfortable in the splits is recommended (if you have questions, email Irene


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